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    Special features:
    Have fun and connect tents to create event towns.
    You can easily put it in the trunk!
    VENTO® as light as a cloud!
    For the love of our inflatables, we have created a new, custom tent for you - VENTO® SIX.
    VENTO® SIX is a combination of two "halves of orange". Its advantage is the unique design and proportions that significantly increase the space for your advertising.

    VENTO® SIX is also an enlarged usable area, which makes it perfectly suited for a chillout zone, an advertising stand, a welcome tent at large sports events or a business zone. It is a very strong point of advantage during events.
    VENTO® SIX does not require the use of a ventilator. It is bigger than its predecessors, but it still fits into the trunk.
    It is compatible with other tents and products of our exclusive VENTO® line. Have fun and connect tents to create event towns!
    It's elegance, security and comfort at your every event.
    VENTO® SIX Tent model 4 x 7
    usable area [m2] 17
    tent width [m] 4
    tent length [m] 7
    external height [m] 2,65
    internal height [m] 2,40
    diameter of the leg [m] 0,25
    entrance width [m] 2,75
    entrance height [m] 2,00
    Unfold time: electric pump [min] 8
    Unfold time: hand pump [min] 15
    Weight tent without the doors [kg] 21
    Weight tent with doors [kg] 27
    Weight tent with doors + equipment [kg] 33
    For the VENTO® tents, a 100% sublimation printing is dedicated, which is made on waterproof polyester fabric.

    Variety of coloured fabrics – Standard Palette Plus:



    We also have colorful extraction ropes for you! Choose a color for your brand, from: yellow, orange, red, green, blue, white or black.
    Basic equipment:
    • Hand pump - Two-stroke hand pump with an aluminum handle and a rubber seal to protect against ingress of sand into the piston. Works while moving up and down. The pump has a function to pump the air inside and letting it out.
      Volume: 2x2L
      Pressure max .: 800 mbar (11.6 PSI)
      Dimensions: 11 x 22 x 45 cm

    Additional equipment
    • Electrical Pump - A handy electric pump in a small size pumps up the Vento tent in just 5 minutes!
      Efficiency 1700l/min
      Pressure max .: 250 mbar (3.6 PSI)
      Power: 1000 W
      Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 17 cm
    • Sand weight. A two-part weight to fill with sand. Designed for mounting on the legs of the Vento tent.
    • LED lighting with a controller

    Suspended LED lighting with driver, mounted on buckles.
    Includes: a set of two 10W floodlights, a 5 m power cord, a power supply and a remote controller with dimming function.

    Voltage: 12 V

    We recommend a dedicated battery that allows to use the lighting without access to electricity.


    • Battery for LED lighting. Light and handy lithium-ion battery in a set with a charger. When charging, you do not have to give up lighting.

    Comfortable PLUG & PLAY system

    Size: 130 x 66 x 22 mm
    Weight: 350 g


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