• Vento wherever you want!

    Vento wherever you want!

    The VENTO® line - modern products that do not require access to electricity.
  • Even bigger!

    Even bigger!

     Tent 6 x 6 m has joined our constant pressure VENTO line!
  • Projection Screen Wall

    Projection Screen Wall

    An open air cinema at hand!
  • High quality printing!

    High quality printing!

    Unlimited digital printing. Bright colours and high quality.
Vento Tent

Vento Tent

Aerodynamic shape! A light and functional tent with constant pressure without a ventilator.


Advertising balloons can be used indoors and outdoors for any event.
Eye-catching inflatables

Eye-catching inflatables

Individual 3D visualization and unusual shapes and sizes.

Poltent – original advertisement of your brand!

We are open to all concepts and ideas. We love a challenges! Therefore, we don't limit the size or colour of our products. If you haven’t found a product that fulfills your expectations, please contact us immediately! Together, we will find the perfect advertising solution for you!
Poltent is a manufacturer of inflatable advertisements. Original inflatable products are what makes us stand
out in the crowd! No matter if you participate in rallies or trade fairs your brand will always be visible and noticable. Balloons are extraordinary eye-catching inflatables. We offer four models:brama startowa Alfa, Beta, Gamma, and Delta, which exceed their original design. Our inflatable offer also includes helium balloons, which advertise in the air.
Inflatable tents are our flagship. We offer 4, 5 and 6 legged „spider” tents. Each is characterized by a remarkable design and large advertising space, which is a valuable asset. Recommended LED lighting enables you to get the most out of our tents at night.
If you are planning to advertise yourself at outdoor events we recommend inflatable gates. Available in 4 shapes: rectangle, polygon, arch and Sinus being a conjunction of polygon and arch. Regarding more sophisticated products, we recommend our projection screens, which can be used to display advertisements and films creating an open air cinema.
Advertising flags for outdoor and indoor events are perfect additionals.
They are available in 3 sizes, therefore you will make a perfect choice for your brand.

If you wish to assure your customers with more comfort advertising beanbags are recommended. Advertise yourself while sitting !
Advertising beanbags are great on different events. Place your logo on them and be pleased with brilliant advertisement! Moving advertisements attract attention therefore our Air Dancers are highly recommended!
Be glad of an effective advertisement with full print logo of your brand on a moving air dancer.

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